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Real Estate

  • Trial, Appeal, Mediation, Arbitration
  • Contract Disputes and Breach of Contract
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Title, Deeds, Liens, Recording and Priorities
  • Partition Actions and Dividing up Real Estate
  • Non-Disclosure, Misrepresentation, and Fraud
  • Insurance Contracts and Disputes
  • Laws, Regulations, and Licensing
  • Lenders, Loans, Foreclosures, Receivers, Capital and Funding Agreements
  • Commercial Leases, Tenant Improvements and Landlord Evictions
  • Collections and Enforcing Judgments
  • LCCs, Partnerships, Corporations, Shareholder Agreements and Trusts
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Transactions

Land Use & Construction

  • Trial, Appeal, Mediation, Arbitration
  • Construction Defects
  • Construction Contracts and Disputes
  • Land Development
  • Subdivisions, Planning and Engineering
  • Public Hearings and Administrative Hearings
  • Violations
  • Nuisance
  • Easements, Boundaries and Surveys
  • Adjoining Landowners and Encroachments
  • Environmental Law and Hazardous Waste
  • Eminent Domain
  • Property Tax Assessment Appeals
  • Transactions

Our attorneys have been practicing in the field of real estate law for over three decades. Moreover, Robert Stack, Esq. worked in the real estate industry before entering the legal field. He holds a graduate degree in business and has been licensed as a California Real Estate Broker since 1986. We are uniquely qualified to represent you with respect to your real estate needs.  Contract disputes, co-owner disputes, loan disputes, etc. require a firm hand.  Construction disputes often involve a lot of legal pushing and shoving. Construction defects often involve multiple defendants and require good case management. Mechanics liens often require that the contractor file extensions and take action and the property owner obtain a surety bond to prevent the whole property from being tied up.

Land use requires a little finesse. Government agencies need to have a rational basis for what they do and provide due process, but maintaining good relationships with the regulating bodies and agencies is an important factor in land development. Adjoining land owners and easement holders can sometimes create problems and require a firm push, but it is important to be mindful of the ongoing relationships. Land use often requires an analysis of historical uses, permissible uses, and expert reports. The Law Offices of Robert A. Stack has the necessary background, knowledge, skills and experience to properly evaluate your land use matter and take you in the right direction.

We understand the local markets and have a proven track record of success. We are more agile and cost effective than bureaucracies. It is our goal to find the right solution for your situation, i.e. a win-win compromise when possible and a fight when not. We have been involved in countless hearings, mediations, arbitrations and trials representing developers, real estate owners, buyers, sellers, lenders, brokers, contractors, commercial landlords and tenants in negotiations and legal disputes. We represent several partnerships that buy, develop, and sell real property. We represent them in the acquisition phase, entitlement phase, development phase, construction phase, sales phase, and in any legal disputes along the way. Our goal is to serve your legal needs for a lifetime.  At the Law Offices of Robert A. Stack we apply the necessary skills, experience and strength to win your case. We have a proven track record of success winning over juries at trial, but our goal is to find the right solution for you, whether it be in mediation, arbitration, hearing, trial or appeal. We try to settle cases when possible and fight hard when not. We strive to resolve your matter favorably and preserve your trust for a lifetime.

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